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Buy Dissertation/Thesis Research and Writing from the Best in the Business

We are not going to mince words here. There are very few writing services that can really offer dissertation and thesis advice, counsel, research and writing. Many writing services will say you can buy dissertation projects in full and that they will be completed in a very short period of time.

But if you are a grad student who is facing a thesis or dissertation, you know that this is just not possible. There is a process and that involves your advisor and/or a committee that will be working with you and monitoring your regular progress. For example, to complete a Ph.D. dissertation, you must conduct an original research project, and that will be done locally. How will a writer who could be in another country conduct that original research for you? It just can’t happen.

So, when a writing service insists that you can buy a dissertation online in its completeness, you know they are lying.

Here’s What Dissertation and Thesis Help Looks Like at BuyProfEssays

Our Ph.D. scholars know how to do this right. When you come to us for help with your culminating graduate school projects, you cannot just say, “Write my thesis or dissertation,” sit back, and let that happen. Here is what will happen:

  • You will come to our site and request help with your thesis or dissertation
  • We will have a conversation with you to determine specifically what type of help you need, what is the topic area of your research work, and where you are in the process of your work to date.
  • Only after a discussion with you will we assign a Ph.D. scholar, in your research field.
  • Once the researcher/writer has been assigned to you, the collaboration and consulting begins. This occurs one-on-one between you and your consultant. The two of you will discuss what type of dissertation writing services will be required, and a plan will be developed based on that.
  • You are in charge of the work your consultant does for you throughout the entire process.

The Type of Help You Will Receive

If you have reached this point in your degree program, you are fully aware of what will be required of you by your advisor and department. A thesis or dissertation is a long-term project, and you will be in communication with your advisor throughout this process. Your consultant from BuyProfEssays will be there for you too.

  • The Proposal: this is where it begins. You must decide upon a research question, have it approved by your advisor, and then prepare a proposal for your committee to approve. There will be very specific guidelines for the structure and content of the proposal. You can present these to your consultant who can then help you craft an exceptional proposal.
  • The Research: One of the key elements of a thesis or dissertation is a literature review. This review will be a thorough study of all of the research that relates to your research question – research that has gone before you. This is a time-consuming task, but your consultant can make pretty quick work of it – s/he is already familiar with the research and can product great summations of it for that section or chapter.
  • The Methodology: Your consultant helped you prepare that proposal, and in it you gave a brief description of the methodology you would be using for your research. The methodology section or chapter provides all of the details of how you have designed the research, the populations to be studied, the instruments to be used, and the data to be collected. Again, a part of our dissertation writing service can include all of these elements of your methodology.
  • The Research Itself: Here is where you have to do some work on your own. Your consultant cannot come to you and conduct your research. You must implement the research as you have said you would, and it will be done locally and reported to your advisor as it progresses. Any dissertation or thesis writing service that claims it can do this for you is fraudulent, and you know this.
  • The Results/Conclusion: Now, here is where your consultant can move back in to assist you. You can present your consultant with the data you collected, and s/he can then develop the presentation of those results in both graphic and verbal form. The additional help you will receive is in the area of statistical analysis of those results, in order to show significance of what you have done and the importance of it to your field. These things are covered in the “results” and “conclusion” chapters.

This entire process is how a professional, legitimate dissertation and thesis writing service operates. And the project is longer=term – not like an essay or research paper you might buy. You have a consultant through us. But you also have an advisor and a committee at your institution who will be kept informed and monitoring your progress.

Cost – Progressive Payments

Because theses and dissertations are complex and lengthy projects, we do have specialized progressive pricing for the work you ask your consultant to perform. This is certainly easier on your budget and allows you to “pay as you go.” Be certain to speak to a customer service agent about this early on.

The Side Benefits

When you come to us for your thesis or dissertation help, we have guarantees that you will not always find elsewhere:

  • We protect your privacy and confidentiality at all times – no one will ever know that you have used our services
  • You will have the right of approval of what is produced each step of the way. If you don’t like any part of what is being presented to you, simply ask for the changes you want – they are free of charge
  • All research and writing is begun from scratch as you order it. There has never been an incident of plagiarism, because we check for it before you ever receive any product or part of a product.
  • You determine how little or how much help you need – we follow your lead
  • You will communicate and collaborate with your consultant through the entire process. This ensures that you get just what you want and need.

Do It Right

If you try to buy a thesis online; if you try to buy a dissertation online, you will have a hard time explaining to your advisor how you conducted the research. The risks are great, and can impact your academic career in very bad ways.

Don’t go to a service that claims to be able to produce a thesis or dissertation in full in a short amount of time. You will live to regret that decision. Instead, get in touch with us, let’s discuss exactly what your needs are, and let’s develop a plan together, so that you get the help you need. Ultimately, doing it this way means you get a stunning work that will earn you that degree.


We urge you to access a few of our samples and review them. You will find that they are well-structured, reflective of sound grammar and composition, and crafted in a tone and style that is appropriate for the topic and genre.

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